Democrat congressman says government should use nuclear weapons against Second Amendment supporters if they don’t give up their firearms

Now that the mid-term election is over, Democrats are back to their usual insanity, threatening the use of deadly government force to murder American citizens who refuse to bow down to their authoritarian tyranny. Why any American continues to vote for any Democrat at all is beyond any rational explanation.

California Democrat Rep. Eric Swalwell — yes, of course he’s a California Democrat — called for nationwide gun confiscation from all lawful gun owners, then added that the government should “go after resisters” who refuse to consent to having their “assault weapons” taken from them by government force. When challenged on the total insanity of such a plan by patriot Joe Biggs (@Rambobiggs), Rep. Swalwell (@RepSwalwell) responded by saying the government’s war against its own patriots would be “a short war” because “the government has nukes.”

Yes, a California Democrat — who probably stole his election in the first place — says that nuclear weapons should be used in America to nuke our own cities and towns in order to kill gun owners.

This is the sheer genius of the Democrat mind at work, in case you didn’t notice. Maybe after all the cities are nuked by Swalwell, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez can promote a multi-trillion dollar government “rebuilding” fund, then claim that Democrats are creating a “booming economy.”

I don’t know about you, but it sounds to me like this psycho just called for the mass murder of American citizens. It’s just one more reason why you should never let Democrats have power over you. All they do is abuse their power, terrorize the citizens, and in Swalwell’s case, literally nuke their political opponents with nuclear weapons.

Using other people’s money to terrorize the citizens

Oh, it gets even better: Because Democrats always want to use other people’s money to carry out their tyranny against innocent citizens, Swalwell demands to use $15 billion in taxpayer money to fund “gun buybacks” which are really just forced confiscations at gunpoint.

Anyone who doesn’t agree to hand over their guns to the federal government in exchange for Federal Reserve fiat currency notes will be arrested and prosecuted, according to Swalwell. This, say Democrats, is how they create “utopia” — a world where all the guns are monopolized in the hands of the very same government that wants to nuke you if you don’t comply.

It’s all for your own protection, of course, since a government run by Democrats is incredibly peaceful and polite during those times when they aren’t threatening to nuke America’s own cities to exterminate patriots.

In essence, Swalwell demonstrates exactly why the American people should never give up their guns, under any circumstances… but especially not to asshats like Swalwell.

In fact, the Second Amendment wasn’t written to protect the right to shoot deer; it was written to maintain the right to shoot tyrants. That’s the whole point of it: Make sure the citizenry remains armed so that insane, power-hungry authoritarians like Swalwell never have a monopoly on firepower. And if they try to confiscate firearms from the citizens, it is the duty of citizens to protect the republic by invoking the rights and actions that are specifically described by the Second Amendment.

By the way, it will never be Swalwell who personally tries to take your guns, of course. He will send police officers and sheriff’s deputies, and there aren’t enough of them in the whole country to survive the very first day of such an effort (nor do they wish to participate in such a silly thing). Who does Swalwell think is going to carry out this nationwide confiscation, anyway? Suicide volunteers? Antifa loons? The Russians?

If Swalwell wants to nuke the gun violence zones, he’ll have to target all the Democrat-run cities where guns are already illegal

If would-be tyrants like Swalwell ever try to wage nationwide gun confiscation against America’s law-abiding patriots, they’re going to find themselves in a shooting war they can’t win. Not even with nukes.

What’s Swalwell going to do, nuke Los Angeles to stop the gun violence there? Nuke Chicago? Somebody needs to remind him most of the gun violence is taking place in Democrat-run cities like Chicago and Detroit. If he’s planning on nuking the gun violence zones across America, he would actually be taking out the Democrat strongholds that are already in a state of Third World collapse thanks to horrible mismanagement by Left-wing politicians. Some places are so bad that Swalwell might even skip them, thinking gosh, they’ve already been nuked by failed Democrat policies.

It’s also quite telling that this Democrat has no interest in nuking America’s enemies (such as Iran or North Korea) but seems really, really interested in nuking American soil. That’s because Democrats hate America in the first place, so turning a thousand square miles of the Midwest into a radioactive dead zone falls right in line with the way Democrats think. As long as they can prevent the border wall from being built so that America is overrun with illegal immigrants who vote Democrat in every election, the elitist Dems don’t care what they have to destroy.

Bottom line? The more Democrats win elections, the more firearms and ammunition you should probably accumulate. A day is coming when left-wing tyrants are going to attempt to criminalize the Second Amendment. That’s the day you have already been granted permission by the Founding Fathers to activate the Second Amendment in defense of our constitutional republic.

The Second Amendment, after all, says you have this very specific right, and it says government may not “infringe” upon that right. Any bureaucrat who attempts to infringe upon that right is, by definition, a traitorous criminal who’s guilty of violating your constitutional rights.

Plan accordingly.

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